C.S.E. is a small guitar effects pedal company based out of the Lawrence KS area.


The Supernaut is our take on the classic high gain sound of the 60's and 70's that laid the foundation for the current wave of Stoner/Doom/Drone metal bands. There's a plethora of tones waiting to jump out of this little orange box.

Demo by Mrexcane

The controls are simple:

Volume – controls the output volume

Gain – controls the overall gain

Bass – controls the low frequency

Treble – controls the high frequency

Shape – six way selectable knob that changes the overall tone/shape of the EQ


The input is on the right and the output is on the left.

The Supernaut requires 9 volts and 5.3ma of power.


Like all of our pedals, the Supernaut is true bypass, powers up with a typical Boss/Ibanez type 2.1mm center pin negative power adapter (no batteries), comes with a 5 year warranty, and is built by hand in our garage.

Click here to buy the Supernaut for $199.99