C.S.E. is a small guitar effects pedal company based out of the Lawrence KS area.


 The StellarVerb v2 is exactly like the StellarVerb v1, except that it's not. This pedal rides the line between a spring and hall type reverb. It is built around an Accutronics BTDR-2L reverb module, so it gives you up to 2.85 seconds of reverb.  The controls are simple,
Decay – Controls the length of reverb
Dry – Controls the dry guitar signal volume
Tone – Adjusts the tone of the reverb
Reverb – Controls the reverb volume
Warble – Go from no oscillation to a little oscillation to ghost not feedback
Filter – Changes the character of the reverb

Like all of our pedals, the StellarVerb is true bypass, powers up with a typical Boss/Ibanez type 2.1mm center pin negative power adapter (no batteries), comes with a 5 year warranty and is built by hand in our garage.

Click here to buy the StellarVerb for $149.99 + S/H on tictail.com

Width = 3.68 inches 
Length = 4.67 inches
Height = 1.18 inches
9v DC powered
2.1mm center pin negative power adapter
Daisy chainable with other Boss/MXR/Digitech type pedals.
True Bypass switching
Hand made in the U.S.A.!