C.S.E. is a small guitar effects pedal company based out of the Lawrence KS area.


The new God Hates Fuzz pedal is pure fuzz fun. With the voltage starve, oscillation, and stutter controls this thing can get way out of hand and get you into synth territory. Meanwhile, if you just want to melt faces with pure fuzz tones, this pedal can do that too!

The Tone, Fuzz, and Volume controls are self explanatory but you may need some details on the starve, oscillation, and stutter effects.

Starve - Simply reduces the power supplied to the circuit. All the way to the right is full power and all the way to the left will leave the pedal under powered. This has an effect on the overall gain and tone of the circuit which comes in to play greatly with the Oscillation control. 

Oscillation - This control takes the effect from a normal fuzz into crazy synth and random tone generation areas. Turned all the way to the right the circuit will be "normal", but when you begin to roll the knob back you will quickly hear all hell break loose. The effect this control creates is VERY interactive with all of the other controls, but especially the Fuzz and Starve controls.

Stutter - With the Oscillation control turned to the "normal" position, the stutter switch simply acts like a killswitch for your guitar. This is great for stutter effects or for simply muting your signal. Once the Oscillation knob comes into play the Stutter switch will have a whole new effect, creating different tones depending on the Oscillation setting. 


Width = 3.68 inches
Length = 4.67 inches
Height = 1.18 inches
9v DC powered
2.1mm center pin negative power adapter
Daisy chainable with other Boss/MXR/Digitech type pedals.
True Bypass switching
Hand made in the U.S.A.!
Five Year Warranty

Buy the God Hates Fuzz direct from us for $149.99 + S/H